Speaking with Haley Woods – GLT

Since it’s girls’ month, I decided to just take the leap and message the founder of Girls LOVE travel, a group I found on Facebook a while ago and that has managed me to show me and reinforce that in the task of empowering women there is no location wise limitation. She actually answered my […]

About freedom

I don’t think you can sum up the meaning of freedom in less than a book length, and even that would be a short version. What is freedom to me, might be a prison for you, and vice versa. Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold”, and I agree with him. Being free […]

About Tribes

Izzy Avraham, Founder and Executive Director of Holy Language Institute, recommended me this book while starting my process to be accepted as a volunteer in this awesome program he funded and directs in such a wonderful way. I was accepted. Seth Godin, author of this book, says that tribes are about faith. Basically about belief in […]