Sobre yo cumpliendo 25

(Read in English) Cada cumpleaños desde que comencé este blog he escrito qué es lo que me enseñó el año que me deja (23 y 24), esta vez he decidido hacer lo mismo pero agregar algo extra, quiero hablarte de mis expectativas respecto a este nuevo año de vida, y tengo varias cosas que decir. […]

About me turning 25

(Leer en español) Every birthday since I started this blog I write what the year I leave behind has taught me (23 and 24), this time I have decided to do the same but add a little extra, I want to talk to you about what my expectations are regarding this new year of life, […]

Sobre el matrimonio y varias bodas

(Read in English) Bueno, este es el artículo donde les cuento que me voy a casar en Israel. Ya puedo escuchar a mi mamá tomando el teléfono para llamarme y decirme: ¿Qué? – Tranquilos, es una broma, de todas las decisiones importantes que podría tomar estando aquí, el casarme definitivamente no es una de ellas. […]

About my 23yo that just left

(Leer en español) This year I will be doing one of the most important trips in my life – I will tell you later about that – so different than in 2016, this morning I woke up on my bed in Lima but just like last year, I will share you what I have learned in […]

About what my 22 left me

(Leer en español) Someone once told: do you know what’s the best year for a woman? The year she is living. And that’s how I feel it today, living the adventure, not about reaching somewhere but enjoying where I am going through. I thought about writing the 22 lessons that I learned in this 365 […]

About promises made by God

(Para español, aquí) Dear Christian/curious, some people believe in fate or signs, I believe in what God and the bible says. Some day I will explain you what being a Christian means to me, for now I will leave you my biblical adventure that prove me I wasn’t wrong about moving to Israel. I try […]