About my blog, your voice and a woman

Around three years ago I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle – short story long, I got a titanium plate and a minor surgery. Took me around 2 months to get back on my feet and wander around the world, which at that time was, my house.

Took me 3 weeks staring at my ceiling, while my stitches were closing, to realise I was ready to have a voice online, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, to whom and how, but I was certain I wanted to leave a digital footprint in life.

I don’t want to brag about it, but I like to believe I am leaving a nice digital footprint – at least in Spanish, still working on the English one, and hopefully one day a really little Hebrew one.

Your own voice

We all want to be heard, but we all have been judged about our beliefs at some point. Writing something online has long lasting consequences, whether you delete it or not, once it’s on the internet, it will always be.

Standing for your beliefs is not easy, between the time I started writing and today, I have learned not to stop saying things how I see them, but to polish and improve the language and manners I say them with.

Your voice most likely is influenced by your surroundings, your culture, your background and many other things – if only I would take the time to tell you what has shaped me into the woman I am today – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own way of thinking and seeing things.

I am not asking you to start blogging everything right now, but I am strongly suggesting you to take a few minutes daily to shape your voice, to find a way to be heard. I suck at public speaking, but man don’t I love writing? This is my comfort place and I truly believe everybody deserves one, even you! So go for it, NOW!

And why am I being so pushy for you to get your own voice? I have many reasons, some I have just mentioned, some I will tell you sometime in the future, but there is a person involved in this, to whom this post is dedicated to…


A couple of months after I opened the blog, I posted an interview to a Jewish professor regarding an NGO in Peru. This girl posted the longest comment ever, teaching me tons of stuff and giving me her support as well. We started exchanging emails for a couple of weeks. Somehow we got tired of emails and moved to Facebook chat, and without noticing it, we were talking in whatsapp as long term friends.

Despite our differences – and boy we have a few – we also end up hating/loving the same things. 

She was (still is) living with her Israeli husband in Israel, and I was (no longer) working in a university and a publishing company trying to figure out if I was going to move to her country for a year to study or not.

This stranger was part of my support system during the whole process of making important decisions, changing jobs, quitting jobs, applying to scholarships and student loans. Breaking up potential relationships, and detecting guys who didn’t deserve more than a minute of my time. All this wild trip for me to be temporarily living in Israel.

She has become my official unpaid (I’m definitely not making money out of this, EVER) editor for almost all of my articles. She jumped in this boat without an official invitation and I am really glad she did. Things are way more fun with her around. I certainly hope she never jumps off the boat and leaves me.

She is one of the main reasons why I will always keep this random blog alive. The blog has brought me several benefits, and for sure she’s one of the cutest and most valuable. Happy birthday, Roxana bebé, ¡gracias por todo!



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